Career Transition & Outplacement

Cornerstone of Human Capital Strategy

How an organization manages employee layoffs, downsizing, terminations and reassignments is a cornerstone of its human capital strategy. Everyone can accept that the relationship between an organization and its employees is just that, a relationship. Like all other relationships, it can and will change over time. Sometimes the change is sudden and other times, it is the product of evolution—companies are acquired, market conditions shift, people’s personal motivations change, the business evolves and sometimes it was just a bad match from the beginning. Regardless of the circumstances, what you need to know is that when it is necessary to change the relationship, you’re other employees, your customers and suppliers will be paying very close attention to how the change is managed. Expert guidance from experienced strategic consultants is essential to a smooth transition for the company and its human capital.

Protect Employee Dignity

An outplacement/career transition program that is built upon respect and implemented to protect the employee’s dignity is of paramount importance. People know that things change and that sometimes people and companies must part ways, but they will not accept their co-workers being humiliated or hurt. Employees know that the way a co-worker is treated is also the way that they would be most likely betreated, so they think, “As goes he/she, so go I.” What you say is important, and what you do really means something.

A poorly planned or mishandled workforce reduction—whether one person or hundreds—will have devastating and lasting effects on the organization; litigation costs will escalate, productivity will decrease and unwanted turnover (most often with people taking your secrets  to your competitors) will increase. It will be progressively difficult to attract top talent and your brand will be badly damaged. Trust will be destroyed.

From the C-suite to the Shop Floor

Talent Curve’s career transition and outplacement services are uniquely designed to meet the needs of specific categories of employees—from C-suite to non-exempt. Programs incorporate highly experienced one-on-one career coaching, expert marketing support, licensed psychologist-led psychometric assessment and extensive professional connections to business leaders in local markets. Programs also incorporate full access to C-Point Talent Curve’s comprehensive virtual career management system that supplements our one-on-one human career coaching with the comprehensive tool sets to expertly organize and manage every element of the employee’s transition experience.

Outplacement/career transition services reduce the risks and costs of employee terminations. Exposure to wrongful termination litigation is mitigated, productivity losses that commonly accompany workforce reductions are minimized and the costly unwanted turnover that is often a by-product of staff reductions can be virtually eliminated. When outplacement is a core component of your human capital strategy, trust will not be compromised and your brand will be shielded. Also, just for the record, it is the right thing to do–morally and strategically.

Why Talent Curve

We are all about the people; seeing each one as a unique person and helping them physically and psychologically successfully navigate their transition journey. Each person enrolled in an individual program has not only a dedicated career coach assigned to them, but also access to our entire team of subject matter experts to provide support for whatever his/her unique needs may be. There is a vast difference between how we do what we do and what has become the new normal in the market. If you understand the benefits that career transition and outplacement services offer to both you and your employees, and you really care about your people, we want to be your partner. We can make a difference. Let us show you how.